TBT: Ellen & Bey at the Grammys: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEEEEE!!! 
Ellen: {To Justin} I got to, with Beyonce introduce you [at the grammys] [Beyonce] was like "can we rehearse this" so I start messing with her backstage.. I said you go JUS-TIN [high pitched voice] and I’ll go JUS-TIN [low pitched voice] and you go TIM-BER [high pitched voice] and I go TIM-BER-LAKE [low pitched voice] so that’s why she looked at me, she thought I was serious and she goes “JUS-TIN TIM-BER-LAKE” so she was tryna’ do it. That’s why she did it because I told her we were gonna do a harmony. Then I didn’t do it. [x]

fuckthatjustfuckme asked: Bey and jay are moving to London. I just , im done shes gonna be in the country next to me , id say the weather in Ireland and England will improve once she graces us with her presence lol

omg!! I read the article and I screamed because if they really did move to London they’d be a little over 2 hours away from me! & It’s true I remember when she came here for The Mrs Carter Show and I’m not joking for the 2 days she was here, the sun was shining the wind blowing and everything but as soon as she left it poured it down for days after lmao

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decorvm asked: I know the city planner of Pasadena and Beyoncé is confirmed for the Rose Bowl in August

Yeah! August 2nd. Just kinda waiting around for tour dates, I’m hoping an announcement will happen tomorrow

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lotwolters asked: forget about my question, i had my date of birth wrong. the day and month were different lmfao

ahahaha its fine :)

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lotwolters asked: so i'm trying to sign up on the site of beyoncé, but it says "Error 500" or something like that. do you know what that is? i've tried it five times haha hope you know itttt.

ooo looks like the hive have crashed it :o we’re always crashing stuff lmao

I’m not sure? Try refreshing it or try signing up again in a new browser if possible?


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Anonymous asked: do bey and solo have a relationship with their father . or no? and also, the baby's name is nixon, and he's four years old! x)

I believe so, I mean Bey has uploaded a couple of pics to her IG of her and her dad etc & thank you! I just wasn’t sure about the age :3

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Anonymous asked: edi i really need that Blue Kisses edit from you :'(

oh shoot! I forgot oops, I’ll do it soon, defo this week *pinky promises*

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"Beyoncé doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one." - Time Magazine (via beyoncefashionstyle)
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Bey wasn’t listed as an icon or a leader, she was listed as a titan for TIME magazine, that’s the highest of the highest!

Titan: Colossus: A person of exceptional importance and reputation.

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Beyoncé by Paola Kudacki for TIME

Beyoncé by Paola Kudacki for TIME