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Anonymous said: why can the beyhive and navy not just get along?? I mean women, especially those of colour like Rihanna and Bey get enough shit from everybody else why we gotta tear ourselves down too?

Right. There’s a lot of history this is why I just keep myself to myself because stan wars aren’t worth it, at the end of the day Bey is really the only person I stan for (besides jay) and I’m not coming for anyones fave unless you come for mine, maybe one day the stan wars will end and we can all be at peace

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Anonymous said: Can you post pictures of rihanna and bey.

I don’t want any arguments lol I’ll think about it

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Anonymous said: please don't post anything Rihanna on this page it's so hard to find blogs that post strictly Beyoncé, I hate Rihanna so much. It sickens me to even type that name, please.

oh lord

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Anonymous said: Can u post any pic's of Beyoncé and Rihanna ?? Ps I think these two should make a collab together.. That would be so F***ing awesome 😊


I’ll add pictures of them together to my queue

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