Anonymous said: Do you know what else Nicki said about Bey in that interview?

I don’t I haven’t managed to look up the full interview yet

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beyoncé’s photo (x) 
"Yoncé is like SEERVVING" - Nicki Minaj on calling Beyoncé, Yoncé (Power106 interview)

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Anonymous said: Hi!!! I want to ask you if you know if the rumors of Bey removing her IV tattoo was for real or she still have it?? Thank you :)

Someone told me that where her tattoo is placed, it fades easily so all she did was get it re-done in a darker colour, she still has it :)

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z - Made In America Festival 

Beyonce - Made In America Festival 2014

deaof98 said: Where can I watch all the Beyoncéx10's?

links - just click the titles

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radicalgay said: if you make an album cover for the vma performance audio, can you send me the art as well? (and if they're okay with it, maybe also the anon who has the high quality audio cause my audio isnt the best)

yes :)

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javonneh said: Do you have the ninth Beyoncé:X10 episode?

Heaven was the 9th

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Beyoncé and Jay Z at Made In America Festival 

BB and Jay at MIA festival

squirticuno said: THREE DAYS TILL BEYONCÉ'S BIRTHDAY AND SIX DAYS UNTIL I TURN 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week is going to be extremely hectic and I don't mind at all!!!!!!! My Beyoncé blog jayonceiv is going to blow up with so many pictures of Beyoncé (well birthday pictures mainly lol)

Awesome! So excited for Beys birthday!! I need to start putting together my birthday edit for her 😄

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